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Intelligent LED lighting technology into smart city beautiful scenery line

Intelligent LED lighting technology is an important product in the development of information technology, and it is also the key technology in the construction of smart city.
LED lighting lamps with intelligent control technology has good controllability, intelligent control method and LED lighting equipment combination, the development of intelligent
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LED lighting technology. Intelligent LED lighting technology is an important product in the development of information technology, is also the key technology in the construction of smart city, LED lighting technology and Internet of things technology combined to form a new generation of intelligent products, become a beautiful scenery in the smart city.
Intelligent LED lighting technology for smart city applications, mainly reflected in the building lighting control, indoor room lighting, outdoor roads and landscape lighting, etc..
Building lighting control
For example, PHILPS Hue intelligent lighting system, the LED lighting technology and wireless Internet technology combined, in the provision of LED lighting on the basis of, to ensure that lighting create more convenient for people. With the help of mobile phone positioning function prompts the user to access the information, collect HUE information, automatically switch according to the user's habits and outdoor environment changes automatically adjust the light; you can set the timer to remind function, ensure more regular life every day, such as morning indoor lights gradually improve and enhance the user sleep variables. Connecting lighting with the Internet can achieve more intelligent applications, such as providing weather information, competition news, e-mail and stock information for users, and can personalize settings according to the needs of users.
Indoor lighting system
The indoor LED lighting control uses the central control method, realizes the photometric adjustment, realizes the LED lighting timing switch, simultaneously can fully use the natural light, reduces the indoor LED illumination brightness, reduces the illumination time. Indoor Intelligent LED lighting fixtures can fully use the infrared ray of human body to realize the people walk out of the lamp. In addition, the special event programming can also be used to realize the accurate management of lighting system. With the help of the control system, different standard LED lighting unit modules are connected to realize dynamic control, which can be applied to urban nightscape decoration. With the help of smart city network, the unified control of lighting system of different building groups can be realized, and the tightness of lighting system can be ensured, so as to avoid the problems of small, messy and scattered in the city night scene.
Road and landscape lighting
Outdoor road lighting system can use intelligent lighting control method, the use of urban perception network access lane vehicle information, due to the control of light, avoid invalid lighting, energy saving purposes. In addition, in the landscape lighting, the application of LED lighting to ensure timely coordination between landscape and lighting system, to bring good visual perception for people, at the same time to beautify the environment to a new height. Urban road lighting emphasizes brightness adjustment, while landscape lighting emphasizes the beautification effect of the environment, fully applies the self inspection ability of urban LED intelligent lighting, and timely checks the internal faults of the system.
Application case
In January 2016, 2800 high pressure sodium lamps were replaced by intelligent LED street lamps in a city area of Hubei province. At the same time, large-scale EMC energy-saving transformation was carried out. The intelligent control technology was applied to the lighting system to realize the full automatic control of urban street lamps. Intelligent street lighting system mainly realizes the adjustment of brightness. Intelligent street lamp control system applies existing power distribution equipment and control equipment to realize intelligent monitoring, improve the information processing and communication ability, and reduce the construction cost of the system.
In addition, the single lamp controller is installed in the lamp, single lamp control method, ensure the night traffic reduction under the condition of using "a light" lighting, energy-saving pull switch change traditional city street lamp ", power saving mode, the bright side" night lighting and security save electricity costs, and realize the intelligent management of lights, improve efficiency of resource utilization.
Intelligent LED lighting technology to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, improve the city lighting effect, bring convenience to people's lives, make more comprehensive services for users, meet the development needs of smart city, but also become one of the important links in today's urban construction.

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